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"The exercise was held as scheduled, and a beautiful lightning annihilation battle was fought!" Zheng Xun covered his forehead and said: Originally, the original intention of this exercise was to prove that the missile unit of the Second Artillery Corps of our country already has the capability of electronic countermeasures, ground-to-air missile interception, and long-range precision strike. In order to do a good job in this exercise, Commander Yang and the No.1 and No.2 commanders of the Second Artillery Corps have been preparing for half a year. In this exercise, the 136th Army dispatched a mechanic, a missile brigade, a special combat brigade, and a helicopter brigade as the blue side. The Second Artillery Corps, on the other hand, sent three missile brigades to fight as the red side. Before the start of the exercise, Chivalrous Song, the commander of the Special Service Company, volunteered. Commander Yang was so busy at that time that he was not in the mood to pay attention to such trivial matters, so he directly assigned the task of assigning the combat tasks of the Special Service Company to a section chief! Hearing this, Li Xiangshang's left eyelid began to jump wildly. The director simply told Chivalrous Song that their special service company,beam impact tubes, as a special operations unit, fought independently and could set its own operational objectives according to the situation on the battlefield. As a result, Chivalrous Song squeezed out 780000 yuan from more than 120 members of the Secret Service Company. Before the exercise officially began, he invited more than 200 female students from art schools and female models from performing arts companies to form a condolence group and sent them directly to the battlefield of the exercise. The Second Artillery Corps is placed in the information processing command center of the safe area, and it insists on doing some kind of military service performance! "" "If you think about it, although it was during the exercise,Precision steel tubes, the guard company responsible for protecting the information processing command center of the strategic missile force was embarrassed to drive them out in line with the principle of military and civilian unity.". And it is said that the vision of the chivalrous song is also quite a thief, spend a lot of money to hire temporarily are super first-class beauty, the young men of the guard company are all good players in the training ground, but in the face of a large group of girls who are too enthusiastic and beautiful to dazzle them, they are all at a loss, and they are mixed up in the labor corps by the chivalrous song. Before I knew it, all the guns were fired without any response! The final outcome is that before the exercise between the two sides has officially begun, the information command center, which serves as the brain and eyes of the strategic missile force, has become the trophy of the Blue Special Service Company! "The full report of this exercise is at the bottom of the pile of files in your hand. You can turn it out and see for yourself. I'm an old man with a bad heart. I really can't bear this kind of stimulation again!" Li Xiangshang opened the last file, only looked at it a few times, and the cold sweat flowed down his forehead. Hey, stainless steel 304 pipes ,side impact door beams, hey. I'm sorry to offend you! According to the rules of the exercise, you are now our prisoners and have no right to resist! Please cooperate, raise your hands above your head, and don't make any struggles or actions that can make our poor students misunderstand! Under the command of Chivalrous Song, more than 120 princelings of the Secret Service Company swarmed up and tied up the Red Guard Company, which had been disarmed by them, regardless of their positions. The commander of the guard company, who was held down by several men and tied up like a rice dumpling, stared at the soldiers who did not look like soldiers in front of him. He took off his civilian clothes with a thief's smile on his face and turned out his military uniform from several cars. God knows what kind of soldiers they are. They are wearing the standard camouflage uniforms of the army, but they are all wearing a black bulletproof vest that only the anti-terrorism special forces will use, and a blue beret that only the international peacekeeping forces will use.

And the weapons in their hands are all kinds of strange! Although the shooting speed is good and stable, its power is really limited. It is jokingly called "shotgun" by professional soldiers. It is only suitable for the use of MP5 submachine guns in urban anti-terrorism assault warfare. Some people carry Chinese standard 85 automatic rifles in their hands, some people carry an 86 sniper rifle, and some people carry flamethrowers that God knows what they want to do, but the most exaggerated ones are. Or an abominable fellow they call a company commander! He actually carried a rotating heavy machine gun produced by China Engineering Research Institute! In the holster of his thigh, it happened that an absolutely delicate small bore self-defense pistol was inserted. As for the bayonet on his body, as long as he was a real soldier, he would probably show a look that was too horrible to look at, because the "company commander" had a three-edged bayonet for the former Chinese special forces that he did not know where to turn out! And the rifle grenades on his body, the brothers of the guard company looked left and right, broke their heads and could not figure out what weapons on the body of the "company commander" could fire these rifle grenades! Could it be that the "company commander" neatly inserted such a row of rifle grenades in his bulletproof vest, just as a way to make him look more imposing. Decorations?! They are such a battle-hardened special forces, unexpectedly let such a group of neither Chinese nor foreign, neither fish nor fowl troops to disarm! The more the commander of the guard company thought about it, the more stuffy he became. Finally he couldn't help shouting, "Hey, hasn't the drill started yet?"? What are you doing? Chivalrous Song waved his hand, indicating that he had spent tens of thousands of yuan to invite hundreds of beautiful mass actors, all of whom consciously left the stage, took hundreds of yuan in salary, and only appeared to perform for less than half an hour. The beautiful mass actors, laughing lightly, floated past them in front of Chivalrous Song. It was really a fragrant breeze, probably with respect for money. Or the admiration for a boss like Chivalrous Song, who spent so much money that people were stunned. About 150 beautiful girls left a gentle and emotional kiss on Chivalrous Song's face before the official exit. Standing in front of the commander of the guard company, the shameless chivalrous song, with 150 lipstick marks on its face, stretched out its hand to support its head and said: "The art of war says that a soldier is never tired of cheating. The art of war also says that the first attack is strong, and the last attack will suffer. The art of warfare also says that a soldier has no constant potential,stainless steel tube 304, and water has no constant shape. You look silly. Maybe you can't understand such a profound truth at all, can you?" The commander of the guard company shouted, "You are brazenly violating the rules of the exercise. Which part are you from?" 。

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