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Lyudmila is a young, pretty woman. Yes, and one is not two drunken terrorist maniacs with dirty thoughts in their heads. We knew each other for two days, so almost relatives. And therefore, after drinking and eating a little, without wasting time, we moved on to bed topics. Luda quickly got rid of her clothes, but did not get into bed, but went to the shower. And I, amazed by the presence of such a service (we have all the amenities at the end of the corridor), also did not fail to take the opportunity to wash off the remnants of sticky sweat that covered my body with fear when I almost became a victim of maniacs. And why are they in my head?
At that moment, I firmly decided that I want to feel it live.
- Are You Normal? What are you doing? I jumped up, noticing for a moment that Anton was lying very close to me.
I was a little struck by the wording, words like “perverted” and “fuck”, so my mother had not spoken to me yet. And what she knows about dirty feet ... She could only find out from one place. my browser. My fantasy correspondence. The fact that she liked it, and the fact that she probably also saw my gigabyte archives with cockgirls - oh ... And if she jerked off on them and finished off my monitor and table ... I remember that there were some strange stains on them ... God ... she really did it. My roof was torn off at that moment, from the realization of all this. I abruptly hugged her, and began to advance my shaft into her vagina. Her testicles were flattened on my pubis, and the cock rested tightly on my stomach and even reached my chest, which at once brought me from such closeness and friction of her trunk against my torso.
link.. Oksana.
“Yes, a lot,” Aunt Ira burst out laughing. - And what, does she have big sisyandopuly?
Great, Lenochka replied.
You know, my fingers are already wet... I just touched my lips, they immediately became wet... And the hole is tight... One finger enters easily, she stuck it deep, silent for a moment, rolling her eyes and moaning softly, sighed deeply that she needed to be distracted and continue story, and two already - with difficulty. Just ready for your cock... Fuck me? Or will you lick?
I took the bottle from which I poured her before I went to the shower, but it turned out to be empty, which I told my wife about. She replied that then it would be the same as us, but less whiskey.

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