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Awesome UK Supplements Advice
Add Power To Your Supplementation By Taking These 5 Supplements!
It is a good idea to mix up the supplements you consume. Magnesium can also be taken together with Zinc. Both aid in helping to absorb one another into the body. It is important to diversify your diet to boost health and well-being. In this blog, we'll be looking at five supplements that are available around the globe that can help to add some variety and power to your supplementation. See this excellent uk supplement blog for more info.

Ashwagandha Extract Powder - India
Ashwagandha (or evergreen plant) is mostly found in India and the Middle East. It is named after its musky scent, Ashwagandha is an Sanskrit word that means 'Horse" and "Gandha" meaning "Smell'. The use of it for medicinal purposes can be traced back to 6000 BC, in the time it was, and continues to be used as a 'Rasayana', that is an earlier Ayurvedic term for techniques that are used to prolong lifespans and'rejuvenate the body'. As this is a group of techniques from early Ayurveda certain claims might be quite outrageous such as the claim that it can extend lifespans, however claims that it improves the body' is, certainly, to an extent.

[Image: 0000509_nac-n-acetyl-cysteine-600mg-120-...y_600.jpeg]

Matcha Powder - Japan
It's been utilized for many years in TCM However, it gained serious popularity in TJM (Traditional Japanese Medicine) after a Buddhist monk, Myoan Eisai, introduced Matcha over to Japan, from China during the 12th century. To turn Matcha into tea, he steam dried the leaves and then ground to a fine powder. This improved his meditation sessions and produced a feeling of calm alertness. We know that Matcha's high caffeine content, along with its high levels of L-Theanine an amino acid which increases the synthesis of GABA as well as the brain's levels of serotonin and dopamine. Matcha Green Tea's long-standing usage is still in use in the present. Matcha Green Tea is enjoyed as a tea by people from all over the world. It helps to relax and maintain your alertness. Matcha can be used in place of coffee to provide the caffeine boost you need quickly. Matcha is a great alternative to coffee since it contains high levels of caffeine. (Avg. 19-44mg/gram). But the caffeine content in Matcha is lower than the one you find in coffee (96mg/240ml). Matcha is the perfect amount of caffeine that gives you a boost without any jitters.

Lions Mane Extract Powder 20% - China
Lions Mane (or Lions Mane) is a kind of edible mushrooms. It's typically found in dead logs as well as from wounds caused by dead trees throughout Asia and North America. Its distinct long white spines have given it the name 'Lions Mane' due to its similarities to the appearance of, you guessed it a Lion's Mane! It has been utilized as a medicine within TCM. It is added to teas, where it is claimed to increase the capacity of the brain to heal itself. It is believed that it improves concentration, focus, memory, and overall mental health. Similar to Matcha used in Buddhist monks' meditations, Matcha was also popular due to the fact that it allowed people to concentrate while also stimulating and energizing their minds. Because of this, over the last 10 years, Lions Mane has become increasingly sought-after in the realm of Nootropics. You can take it as capsules, liquid extracts or powdered form. It is suggested to take 500mg to 3000mg of it daily with a mixture of juice and water. You can also create capsules and then take as such.

Acai Berry Extract 8:1 - Brazil
Acai is also known as 'Acai'" is a form or kind of berry. It can be sourced from the Acai Palm which is a kind of tree that is most commonly located in the Amazon Rainforest. Its name is a Portuguese translation of the ancient Tupian word "iwaca"i meaning "The fruit that cries" or "expels water". It is not our intention to go into the specifics of the name in this article. But visit this page to learn more! In the past, the river people of the Amazon (Ribeirinhos) were able to collect the Acai Berry by climbing up the sometimes 82-foot Acai Palm trees, and cutting them down with a blade that is still a common practice today amongst this minority. Acai is one the most sustainable fruits due to the way it is harvested and grown. Primarily found in Brazilian Tribes, Acai was and still is a staple in their diet, as well as their medical systems. Acai Palm stems can produce up to 8 bunches per year. Each bunch weighs 6kg. This is why Acai is a fantastic source of sustainable food for Amazonian peoples! Acai is now a favored food in modern Brazil and around the world. It's been dubbed a Superfood and people enjoy Acai as the basis for an "Acai Bowl" it is a dish made from frozen and mashed Acai berries. Acai Berry Extract has all the benefits of Acai Berry, but in an easy powder form.

[Image: endo-met-supplements-stress-pak180-tablets-2.jpg]

Lemon Balm Powder - The Middle East and Beyond
Lemon Balm belongs to the mint family. It is most commonly found in Southern Europe. Lemon Balm is named after the delicate, but distinct lemon-like scent it emits from its leaves. It is also used in aromatherapy and cooking to increase the flavour of dishes. The use of it as a remedy is documented for many years starting in Ancient Greece, Rome and aiding in the treatment of 'Melancholy' Vapors. - Modern times have confirmed that this is in relation to anxiety and depression. It wasn’t first introduced into Europe until 7th century. It gained a lot of attention during medieval times for its ability to treat injuries, insomnia, anxiety and sleep disorders. Over the years, Lemon Balm has proved to be a long-lasting remedy as it is commonly used medicinally all around the globe, with a particular focus in Central European countries such as Germany and Austria where it is available in liquid forms at pharmacies. It is also commonly utilized as an ingredient in general products, like toothpaste, icecream and peppermint-tea bags. The Lemon Balm Extract is in a powdered form and we recommend between 250mg to 1000mg daily mixed into the form of juice or water, or if preferred, it can be made into capsules.

In Conclusion
There's it! There are five ancient Supplements. They also originate from five different continents. They can provide more power than your normal supplementation. Who knew that the history of supplements dates way back? Supplements have played a crucial role in our lives for thousands of years and it is likely that they will be here for many years to come! We hope you find something useful in today's blog article.

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